Our new Fall 2014 team with our Luna Protein Bars!

Anonymous said: What if we didn't make it to the information table during the club fair how can we learn more information about club cheer?

We can send you all of the info we shared at the info meeting if you email us at csulbclubcheer@yahoo.com.

Otherwise, we have practice this Friday from 2PM-5PM in KIN-64! We’ll be able to answer any questions you have there. :)

Anonymous said: When do you guys practice and can anyone just show up?

Our practices are Sunday 3-5PM in KIN-64, Tuesday 7-10PM in KIN West Gym, & Friday 2-5PM in KIN-64.

Come on out to practice on Friday or Sunday, as our dues will be due soon, and after this, we might not be able to accept more people. But for the beginning few practices, anyone can come. :)

Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said: what is the difference between the club team and the athletic team?like what does club do that the athletic team doesn't.. or vice versa?

The athletic team is the school’s official spirit squad. They cheer at the basketball and volleyball teams in athletics. We’re the club team so we cheer for club sports like ice hockey, rugby, lacrosse, and baseball. We don’t have try outs, and are open to all levels, whereas the athletic team has tryouts typically in May. Hope that answers your question!

Join CSULB Club Cheer!

If you’re interested in joining CSULB Club Cheer, or interested in finding out more information, our info meeting is Tuesday, September 9 at 7PM in SSPA 208. We’re open to all experience levels, and can answer any questions you may have at this meeting! 

If you can’t make it to the meeting, just email us at csulbclubcheer@yahoo.com for more information, or come to the first practice this Sunday, September 14 from 3PM-5PM in KIN 64!

Anonymous said: Do you guys have requirements to be on the team? (: I'm a senior in high school right now but I just wanted to know.

Just so you know, there are actually 2 cheer teams on campus, the athletic team, and the club team. We’re the club team and we’re open to all experience levels! We’ve had people that have never cheered before, and we also have people that have several years of experience. 

If you’re looking for the athletic team, you can find their website here.

Anonymous said: Do you have any more videos of your practices I'm very excited to know more of CSULB Club Cheer!

Come find us at Week of Welcome on September 3 and 4! We can answer any questions you may have, and also provide more details on when our information meeting is. Hope you see you there! :)

Anonymous said: Hello! Now that the school year is starting up again, I would like to know when the first informational meeting is!

The first information meeting will be sometime at the beginning of September, after Week of Welcome. A more specific date is coming soon! Thank you for being patient, we know the beginning of a new semester is always stressful and a little over whelming.  

Having a Bring It On Movie Marathon! 

Having a Bring It On Movie Marathon! 

End of the Semester Banquet Spring 2014

Cheer Shoes Star!

Cheer Shoes Star!

Beach Bonfire with the Squad!

Second year helping out at the JAMfest Nationals 2014 competition in Long Beach, CA.

Yogurtland after Practice  

Yogurtland after Practice  

Practice Pic

Practice Pic